“I’ve worked with Bruce off and on for at least 10 years, longer than I have worked with any other freelancer. In this business you have to be ready for anything, and Bruce is who I call when I’m in a jam. He’s there when I need him, he can embellish my ideas, and he always delivers great design work when he says he will. Plus, he’s very flexible in any medium.”
— Tim Bade, Director of Marketing, Price Cutter

“Editors often find that Layout people are creative but disorganized and often tardy, and if they are organized and prompt, they are short in the creative department. The great thing about Bruce Helm at Helm Graphics is that he is a happy combination of both creativity and organization—and the job gets done on time.”
— Fred Pfister, Editor, The Ozarks Mountaineer

“Bruce is wonderful to work with. He is super easy to communicate with, brainstorm with or laugh with. His projects are on-time and on-budget. He is a great graphic designer and illustrator; and I would highly recommend Bruce as part of any advertising team.”
— Dianne Davis, Owner of D.L. Media, Inc.

“Bruce is one of only two, free-lance graphic designers that I retained during my tenure of 13 years with Red Rocket Fireworks. There were only two because I was so particular and insisted on creativity, originality, and attention to detail. Bruce is very detailed and creative in his approach to any project. His artwork and illustrations are conceived by getting inside the head of the end-user to determine what type of approach will work the best for your product or service. If you’re looking for an original idea for your campaign, I would highly recommend that you contact Bruce Helm at Helm Graphics.”
— Glenda DeFontes, Brand Strategist and Media Specialist at Midwest Family Media

“As the Art Director of Helm Graphics, Bruce has ceaselessly given back to his community in the form of hours of pro bono design and graphic work through the Sertoma Club of Springfield. Crisp, clean design is Bruce’s forte. No wasted stroke or over extravagance from this cat…just good, solid bankable work. Bruce is YOUR next asset!”
— Ken Childers, Executive Director of Youth of the Ozarks